A Tribute to the brothers Čapek

Karel CapekOpera with three acts by Zdeňek  Blažek, adaptation by Jan Jirásek. The Libretto is based on the theater play by the same name by Karel Čapek from the year 1921.
Zdeněk Blažek Milan Kaňák Pawel Janicki Jan Jirasek Jana Prekova Woody Vasulka Petr Vrana
MARS Media Archiv Prague National Theatre Brno WRO Center for Media Art
Culture 2000 Programme Czech Cultural Department

Floating  Island  Tour

MEDIA ARCHIV returns the term "robot" on the scene in the form of a multimedia production, staged on an artificial island, for already Karel Čapek situated the plot of R.U.R. on a oceanic island.
In the farther offered presentation you will find information about the project of an artificial and extremely artistic island, which brings near the heritage of Karel Čapek with state-of-the-art technology in every city of Europe connected to the compact waterway. The beginning of the several years enduring tour of two days program (the first day is for the audience interested in opera, on the second day follows a short festival called "Night of Robots" for a wide spectrum of spectator) marked the festival "Night of Robots", produced by MEDIA ARCHIV to reassume the success of the premiere of R.U.R. in the National Theatre of Brno.

Visualization of the Floating Island: Mgr. Marcel Turic

island (pdf)

scene (pdf)

night of robots (pdf)

R.U.R. Rossum's Universal Robots, 2008