A Tribute to the brothers Čapek

Karel CapekOpera with three acts by Zdeňek  Blažek, adaptation by Jan Jirásek. The Libretto is based on the theater play by the same name by Karel Čapek from the year 1921.
Zdeněk Blažek Milan Kaňák Pawel Janicki Jan Jirasek Jana Prekova Woody Vasulka Petr Vrana
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Culture 2000 Programme Czech Cultural Department

the waterway map

Purposes for sponsoring the realization of the project "Floating Island"

The project and the conception of the theatrical space on the boat will be solved multimedially, i.e. variability of space, which allows different attractive solutions from scenic handling up to congress and concert room. This project offers thereby a plenty of occasions for the sponsors join in by socio-cultural events, professional symposiums, cinema scoping, etc.
The whole domain of the boat can be used by the sponsors for meetings with clients, press conferences and presentations.
Since our island can move across Europe, it can advertise on its way the brand of the sponsors in a substandard and uncommon manner.  For this purpose laser technology will be installed on the boat to project on artificial fog and water walls. Of course conventional methods such as posters, programs, tickets and complete promotion material will be aboard. An indivisible part of the Floating Island tour will be additional programs at the anchorage in important European cities.
This is a unique possibility for sponsors to participate in the realization of a high-spirited idea and meanwhile getting the possibility to present their company in foreign and important cities in Europe.

waterway map (pdf)

R.U.R. Rossum's Universal Robots, 2008