A Tribute to the brothers Čapek

Karel CapekOpera with three acts by Zdeňek  Blažek, adaptation by Jan Jirásek. The Libretto is based on the theater play by the same name by Karel Čapek from the year 1921.
Zdeněk Blažek Milan Kaňák Pawel Janicki Jan Jirasek Jana Prekova Woody Vasulka Petr Vrana
MARS Media Archiv Prague National Theatre Brno WRO Center for Media Art
Culture 2000 Programme Czech Cultural Department

mediaplan and sponsorship

1. Seen in the widest context

MEDIA ARCHIV (o.s. MA) works with artists dealing with every artistic discipline and allows them thanks to the financial corroboration by the European fund Culture 2000, the Czech Ministry of Culture and the MEDIA ARCHIV sponsors to co-operate on realizations of corporate artistic projects, which come from a wide range between opera and multimedia artefacts. The pivotal subject of the o.s. MA activities in the last three years is the main artistic reflexion of today's phenomenon, which is undoubtedly the ROBOT, created in the work of the Čapek brothers in the twenties of the past century. Thanks to the engagement of o.s. MA the world premiere of the opera R.U.R. took place in the National Theatre of Brno. Also it was taken care of the realization of the festival "Nights of Robots" during the INVEX fair (art exhibition, colloquiums, projections, etc.) with the participation of tens of artists. Those activities lead to the idea of a tribute to the work of the Čapek brothers and their ROBOTS, which should partake in Prague and which was initiated in Czech artistic communities. As a result the most remarkable contemporary Czech sculptor Stefan Milkov shaped a monumental concrete statuary.

2. Most compulsive und inexpensive publicity

It is obvious, that the statuary will be an eye-catcher at an exposed location in the city of Prague, what can be a very valuable space for advertisement for sponsors. The value of such an exceptional advertisement can be specified in many ways, for example by the cost for advertisement in the newspapers and magazines (several hundred thousands of KČ for a page filling advertisement) and the cost for broadcasting in television in advertisement blocks, for the media will be certainly interested on their own will on their web pages, in cultural sections in magazines and in the news on television. Essential about this is that Stefan Milkovs design did not only win with one voice in the o.s. MA, but also acquired support from the Prague Municipal Corporation, the cultural council of the Prague 5 district and the conservationists. Though still in the stadium of planning the realization, the design is being admired by the professional cultural community, which is unusually mostly sharing its positive opinion about the work of Stefan Milkov. The medial sympathy for the author is important for the creation of the sponsor`s image.
There are plenty of PR possibilities to give publicity to this cultural event, for example by using the sculptural work in internal advertisement stationeries. On the date the Statuary will be emplaced a conference with the topic "Čapek's theme in Hollywood" will take place. After that the performance "Night of Robots" will proceed. The main point will be the third act of R.U.R., which will be staged outdoors and goes along with a laser image projection on water walls and additional artistic actions.

3. What has to be done at first?

O.s. MA prepares a vernissage of the exhibition "still life with a robot", which presents in the exhibition hall of Mánes Mitte the works of several prestigious artists. The vernissage itself is conceived to be a business meeting and sequentially a cultural event, at which the sponsor deputies, the authors of artistic works, municipal authority and city district deputies as well as journalists from private media and media governed by public law, meet. O.s. MA certainly influenced the Czech media, in so far that the Czech broadcasting dedicated 16 hours of reporting on the ROBOT subject as well as TV NOVA presented a news topic on the occasion of the 85th birthday of the ROBOT. The "still life with a robot" event will be promotion for the project "Floating Island".



R.U.R. Rossum's Universal Robots, 2008