A Tribute to the brothers Čapek

Karel CapekOpera with three acts by Zdeňek  Blažek, adaptation by Jan Jirásek. The Libretto is based on the theater play by the same name by Karel Čapek from the year 1921.
Zdeněk Blažek Milan Kaňák Pawel Janicki Jan Jirasek Jana Prekova Woody Vasulka Petr Vrana
MARS Media Archiv Prague National Theatre Brno WRO Center for Media Art
Culture 2000 Programme Czech Cultural Department

content, purpose, benefit

The main thought of the night-filling event "Night of Robots" is to cite the cultural heritage of the Čapek brothers and reflect their work by applying contemporary artistic methods. The main benefit is that this event is going to take place at the birth place of the ROBOT while the partner media as well as native and foreign observers will take notice. The explicit authorship of the globally most frequently used Czech word "robot" accredited to one of the Čapek brothers is surrounded by mysteries. In the same manner as the artificial word "robot" suddenly appeared, it will now materialize in the form of the statuary emerged from the ground of the Vltava (see the image based part of the project presentation) Promotion and advertisement of the event will concentrate on posters, street-promotion, web banners, editorial pages of newspapers and magazines and on non-commercial times on radio and TV. The first Prague "Night of Robots" will be the prelude to the project "Floating Island", the aim of which it is to spread the Czech culture and art around Europe.

R.U.R. Rossum's Universal Robots, 2008