. Petr Vrána - curriculum vitae
2008: Member of Jury CAESAR in Linz.
2008: Media-sculptures "Tribute to czechoslovak exile"in Prague.
2007: Robotic sculptures together with Stefan Milkov.
Member of the Jury of Golden Award of Montreux.
2006: Development of projects "R.U.R." on Floating Island in Praha, member of Jury CAESAR in Linz.
2005: Member of Jury Jihlava International documentary film festival.
2004: Member of Jury WSA, World Summit Award, best world multimedia.
2003: Producer and supervisor of "R.U.R "opera - National theatre Brno, audiovisual design for "The Mauritianum project" Kassel.
2002: Member of European Academy of Digital Media, EADIM.
2001: Teaching at CinemaStudies/FAMU in Prague,since 1995 as external in Member of Jury EUROPRIX, "best european multimedia" in Salzburg.
2000: Cofounder of "Enter-multimediale" festival in Prague.
1999: Consultant of EXPO 2000 GmbH, Multimedia - Event im Congress Centrum.
1998: "Czech in the 20th Century" Multimedia - Event in Congress Centrum in Hilton / Prague.
1997: GLASSHALLE - Full evening multimedia - event for publisher and writer at bookfare in Leipzig.
1996 - 2001: Corporate design for artificial - life Ltd. in Boston and Hong Kong (TV commercials, webdesign).
1995 - 2008: Jury member "Golden Award of Montreux" Festival of Cinema/TV spots.
1995: Design and programing for Metropolitan Subway Television in Prague.
1995: Winner in a competition for TV design "Cable Plus".
1995: Collaboration on a last Anthony Quinn movie " Seven Servants", paintings and actor , Music: Gato Barbieri.
1993 - 1995: Complete audiovisual design for TV NOVA with Jan Hammer-was awarded trough Design center Brno.
1993: "Europa Europa" Kunsthalle der BRD in Bonn, in best of easteuropean Videoart, with "Bomba" for 80 Jahre, "Angels are wired" for 90 Jahre.
1991 - 1993: Second best commercial in Austria - C4 profesor at Kunsthochschule Kassel-Universität - Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center N.Y. in Buffalo opened the Festival "Eastern TV Culture" with "Bomba " and "Dost bolo" - Presentation at MIT in Boston, Arte Digital/Buenos Aires, - "Nazis - Neonazis"/San Francisco, Museo nazionale de Cinema/Turin, Museo National Centre de Arte Madrid, Staatliches Museum St. Petersburg, - Videoinstallation and Performance "Demonstrating New Icons" (together with Milan Kunc) in Kunsthalle Malmö, Kunsthalle Rotterdam, Kunstverein Karlsruhe, documenta Halle Kassel, European Media Art Festival Osnabrück.
01.04.1992: Creative Director in Hessen 3 TV, Frankfurt, design for ARD.
1992, June: Premiere of a video recording of the composition “Labyrinth” (director Petr Vrána, music Jan Jirásek) at the San Francisco Festival.
1992: Assistant prof. at Academy of media arts in Köln/Cologne 1.st place in DJ Hitparade CSFR for a Soundtrack of artvideo Bomba - Together with Woody Vasulka founder of MEDIA ARCHIV, international center for new media in Prague).
1990: Presentation at University in Gainsville and WTSP, Florida - Assistant and actor in HDTV - Production "The Orchestra" in Zbig Vision Studios, N.Y. - Workshop at University in Eriwan, screenings of artvideos in TV UDSSR - Robert-Bosch-Preis für das Video "Microwaved Hot Dog" - 1st place in competition "100 Jahre Industriekultur" for a Videoinstallation - Kunstverein Düsseldorf published 6 Videos as a Jahresgabe 1990.
1989 - 1990: Art Director / Producer for Hessen 3 Design, German public TV.
1989 - 1990: Musicvideos in USA, Imagevideos for Blaupunkt, Thonet - with Bily WILDER, Hoechst u. a.
1988: Diploma at University Kassel by Prof. Bussman, Prof. Matthias, Prof. Weibel.
1987: Founder of the group of artists "2b Kassler", performances at "documenta 8" As guest on Hochschule für angewandte Kunst in Wien, Cooper Union University/New York,University at Buffalo, Simon Frazer University/Vancouver.
1986: 1. Prize "Goldener Plotter" at the C86 in Cologne for paintings combined with computer graphics.
Vidox - Produktion was shown in: ZDF, ARD, HR3, NDR, SFB, ORF, FR3, Chanel 4, Music Box, Namibia TV, Mexico TV, WDR, 3 SAT, SAT 1, CS TV, UDSSR TV, USA - Chanel 17 und 34.

1986: Development of the animation method "VIDOX" (Rotoscoping combined with Video - Thermoprinter).
1985: Junior Art Director at the agency J. W. Thompson in Frankfurt.
1981: Study of "Fine Arts" at the art academy in Kassel.
1956: Born in Prague.