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We prepare on 29.09.2013 in Prague a conference on this disastrous Anniversary:

Munich 1938 – Historical portal


30th September 2013 will expire 75 years from the Munich Agreement which was signed without Czechoslowak participation.

“The Munich Agreement was an event that scarred or affected by the atmosphere in our country and its history for decades. Therefore it is very important to continue this theme as our steady reflection.”
Vaclav Havel, 2008

Media Archiv was founded in 1992 as an organization that presented newest video-art peaces. Last 5 years, our activities focused on collecting audiovisual database for Memorial of Czechoslovak exile (1938-1989) of the Czechoslovak exile begins on the fateful date of 29th September, 1938, after the Munich dictate took of the first wave of emigrants from their homeland.
The current situation in Prague, where various organizations parasitize on the war and post-war Czechoslovak totalitarian history and flooded Prague offering tours showing tragic moments in our history ( WW II Tour Prague with advertising websites ( WW II Tour - forcing usanalyse the events , in which this tragedy started. We should not allow remainthisin the future just as a cheap globalized tourism attraction.
We particularly focus on the young generation and therefore preparing an educational project (“Munich 1938 – Historical portal”) that uses the latest means of expression close to this target group:

interactive web
school competition
parallel exhibitions and film screenings

This is already three quarters of a century, when in the course of one single night wasCzechoslovakia slashed into peaces so that then the rest fell to Adolf Hitler as easy prey called Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia. Upcoming sad anniversary provides a unique opportunity to bring these moments of Munich to younger generation not only in the former Czechoslovakia. Media archiv is aiming to build a Memorial Czechoslovak exile (1938-1989), considering historical memory as an irreplaceable cultural value.

Television and Internet broadcasting

The show “live from Munich 1938 and Prague 2013” should be involved in public television seven states: CT, BBC, ZDF INFO, France TV, RAI and RTVS. Cooperation with other organizations (CNN, Poland, Austria ..) is welcome.

The presentation of the events will take place, “then and now” in two parallel environments: a discussion of the foreign minister of Slovakia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Hungary and the Czech Republic with interactive maps and a presentation with an on-line 3-D simulation of transferred Munich’s negotiations (as with an industrial camera), black / white with subtitles. In addition there will be a discussion at the map of Czechoslovakia from 09/29/1938 and after their mutilation by claims from Germany, Poland and Hungary, it is to be a transfer from the authentic room in Munich, where is now the Academy of Music and Theatre active.

An international conference of historians and politicians in the National Museum in Wenceslas Square in Prague is to take place:

Georges-Marc Benamou, French writer under whose novel “Phantom of Munich” feature filmwas planned byVaclav Havel and Milos Forman
Milos Forman(via teleconference )
Madeleine Albright, the daughter of former Czechoslovakian diplomat
Otto Olejár and Jan Nemec, directors, authors of the ‘Peace in Our Time? ”
Commentators: Jacques Rupnik for France, editor of the German Radio in Prague Till Janzer, Erik Best, a former correspondent in Prague ,Tomasz Mackowiak or possibly Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorskiand, U.S. wife Anne Appelbaum, author of “The Iron Curtain “or the ” Gulag” (Pulitzer Prize)

Commentators: Jacques Rupnik for France, editor of the German Radio in Prague Till Janzer, Erik Best, a former correspondent in Prague ,Tomasz Mackowiak or possibly Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski and his American wife, Anne Appelbaum, author of the “Iron Curtain” or “Gulag” Pulitzer Prize) …

Otto Olejár and Jan Nemec exile -czechslowakian in the UK in 1988 produced a two-hour film, “Peace in our time?” “I bring you peace for our time”, says Chamberlain played by John Cleese (of Monty Python) at London’s airport when his wind blew the document out of hand. Attraction for the public might also be that the music was written and performed for this document by the legendary Eric Clapton.

Project partnersshould be following institutions and agencies in the Czech Republic: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Czech Centres, Post Bellum, CSDs Documentation center, National Film Archives, Libri Prohibiti, CIANT, including USTR .

Interactive Web Portal
The project website is an entrance into the story. It will be accessible on the domains: (input for Czech visitors) and (entry for foreign visitors)
The web portalwill go on-lineafter the April 2013. We first want to publicize information to partners and sponsors of the project. In later phases, the sitewill beextended from June 2013 as follows:

Inter share / living/ maps
Archive of Audiovisual Works
Learning materials

Parallel exhibitions and film screenings
The project includes a small exhibition in Prague National Museum, where the conference take place. The same exhibition will be presented with the help of the Czech Centres parallel in some European cities. Openingofexhibitions will take place the day before the conference, on Saturday, September 28th, 2013.

School Competition
The educational aspect of the project will be reinforced by student competition.
Topics: political negotiation or betrayal?
Genres:essay, image, animation,
Target group: II primary and secondary school students. Announcement of winners of the award ceremony will take place at the exhibition opening .